• 10 TOP REASONS to choose

  • 1. APPLE ACADEMY  is learning at its BEST!

    2. CLEANLINESS is key to safe and healthy enviroment.

    3. NOURISHMENT and GROWTH are essential to a happy well rounded child.

    4. CHILDREN: We know how to precious these little guys are. At APPLE ACADEMY CHILDREN come first.

    5. COMMUNICATION: Our staff will work with you to communicate in an effective, open and clear manner.

    6. FLEXIBILITY: We offer extended hours from 6am to Midnight and all meals are provided.

    7. Each semester is dedicated to a UNIQUE ENRICHMENT PROGRAM such as dance, karate, spanish, spanish, sign language and much more!

    8. LEARNING: We make Learning for fun!

    9. FRIENDLY, WARN ENVIROMENT: We want your child to feel safe and secure as if they were at home.

    10. You are always WELCOME, parent involvement is key to a child's development.